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# Summer Project Group - Data Science at UCSB
# Informal Meeting * Introductions * Name, major year, etc. * What are you trying to accompish with Data Science at UCSB? Is there anything you want to improve? * Possible project ideas * What is the purpose of this group * Summer meetups ### Sign Ups If you think you are going to participate in a weekly project group, please add your contact info here to ge important updates and announcements. [Link]( # Week One ## **Announcements** + Django Girls opportunity + [Website]( + Time and Date : Fall Quarter + Location TBA + Django crash course! (This is what inertia7 is built on) + Contact us if you are interested in becoming a coach ## **LEARN SOMETHING WITH DATA SCIENCE @ UCSB** ### Markdown format + Markdown is a way to write content for the web. It is written in plaintext. + [Markdown Cheatsheet]( #### Activity + Create your own branch on [Github]( and push a markdown introduction about yourself on there + Include + Short paragraph about yourself + Favorite song to be added on the DS@UCSB Spotify playlist + Project proposal if you have one (see below) ### Project Proposals #### Brainstorm on Project Ideas + Sell your idea! Discuss what you are looking to accomplish this summer or what you are particularly interested in + Check out [inertia7]( to see what past projects look like + If you don't have an idea - keep an eye out for a project you would be interested in joining! ## Form Teams + De facto project leader + Organize time wisely + Have tangible goals every meeting + Be concrete in what you wish to accomplish every meeting time + Implement Stand Ups + Make note of attendance and make safety nets for days of absence (usually around midterm season) #### Talk about: + Project Idea + Necessary steps needed if data set isn't readily available + Do you have to webscrape? If so do you prior experience or anyone in your team. + Provide link for team members to be able to access the data set. + Pick R or Python + Discuss schedules ### Best way to learn is just by doing, and following by example. ## Find forms of communication Establish channels for communication: + Slack + GitHub + Phone + Email + GroupMe + *Facebook ## Sign Ups + [Link to sign up for the email list for the group]( # Week Two ## **Announcements** + Django girls + [Website]( + Time and Date : Fall Quarter + Location TBA + Interested in becoming a coach? Talk to Ravi after the meeting! + Life Chronicles + [Website]( + If interested, contact Arthur! He will add you to the Slack. ## **LEARN SOMETHING WITH DATA SCIENCE @ UCSB** + Virtual Environments + [MAC/Linux]( + [Windows]( ## WORK ON YOUR PROJECTS #### Steps of a Data Science Project + Getting Data + UCI Machine Learning Repository + Kaggle datasets + Cleaning data/sanity checks + Exploratory Analysis + Trends in reponse and predictor variales + Modeling (Choosing Supervised Vs. Unsupervised Learning) + Model Validation + Sharing Results + + GitHub repo with nice + Jupyter/RMarkdown Notebook # Week Three ## **Announcements** + Django girls + [Website]( + Time and Date : **Saturday, October 21 9 AM - 5 PM** + Location: Collaboratory + Still looking for coaches! Talk to Ravi after if interested! ## Preliminaries: + Does your team have a virtual environment set up? + Does your team have a repo for your project? + Does it have a pretty README? [Example Repo]( + Branches for each teammate? ## Project Iterations + Needed by the end of today: + requirements.txt + Repo organized exactly or similar structure to example repo provided above + Clear project goal on repo + fork repo unto [Organizational Repo]( ### NOTE: If you ask me something and I tell you to send me message through Slack. Do it. # Week Six # Summer Project Group - Data Science at UCSB ## **Announcements** + PIZZA PARTY! + A little (almost) end of summer hurrah for you guys :) + Django Girls + [Website]( + Time and Date : **Saturday, October 21 9 AM - 5 PM** ## Project Updates + Update GitHub repo to include most recent iteration + Create a to-do list with set goals and milestones + Detail what needs to be done + Detail current blockers + Detail progress as of today # Week Seven ## **Announcements** + Django Girls + [Website]( + Time and Date : **Saturday, October 21 9 AM - 5 PM** + We are still looking for coaches! + No prior Django experience necessary + **Serious commitment only** + {Carpe Data is hiring! + Full time [data analyst interns]( + Contact Navjot @ for more info ## Project Updates + Keep working on your projects! + Update repos + End of summer check ins ## RESOURCES + [R/RStudio]( <br /> + [Python]( <br /> + [Inertia7]( <br /> + [GitHub]( <br /> + [Slack]( <br /> + [DataCamp](


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