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This project acts as a guideline for publishing on inertia7, so that we have some form of unity when it comes to presenting our projects.
# Publishing on Inertia7 Not meant to be an exhaustive guideline, but this should cover basics and common questions people will have when utilizing *inertia7* as resource. ## Markdown Not much can be said outside of researching some useful markdown syntax. We highly recommend using [this tutorial]( ## Coding Style This section is important and goes beyond publishing on *inertia7*, we highly encourage and recommend everyone follow the [**PEP 8**]( coding style (Created by Guido van Rossum). This approach ensures readable and human friendly coding syntax. We have not stresses this enough, but we wil start enforcing because of the way the code gets published on *inertia7*. So please read the documentation provided and this will overall help you become a better programmer, especially in the world of open source. ## Including pictures Although we are utlizing *markdown* format, when publising pictures you should *always* use *html* syntax. **Instead of this**: ![img-title](images/generic-plot.png) **Use this**: <img src='images/generic-plot.png'> Changing width and height won't be necessary, as *inertia7* will default the image settings! ## Plotly When utilizing interactive plots from *plotly* you will often use an iframe, when publishing iframes to avoid discrepancies please set the width to **100%** and not an absolute width. Whereas the height is up to your discretion, since this is more fluid. But when doing width set to **"100%"** as such **Instead of this**: <iframe width="900" height="600" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="//"></iframe> **Use this**: <iframe width="100%" height=415 frameborder="0" scrolling="no" src="//"></iframe> This will ensure mobile friendly projects, which isn't a main functionality of inertia7, but it will ensure an aesthetically pleasing experience for would-be mobile users. <!-- ## Tables A feature we are still in the process of reworking is table formatting so for now we ask that if your table 8 columns to be excluded in the report since it. --> ## Conclusions In order for everyone to have a fun experience with inertia7, we must all follow a set of guidelines much like any programming languages. These are set in place so that user experience will ensure quality learning and more importantly quality collaboration! If you have any questions or feedback feel free to reach out to us.


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